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  • Promobeam


    Simple 30W LED Gobo Projector w/ Interchangeable Rotating Globo Slot

  • High Roller

    High Roller

    4 individually controllable mirror cylinders for creating impressive beam effects with wide floor coverage.

  • Neutrino


    Powerful 5 x 18W RGBAWUV

  • Magnum 9

    Magnum 9

    9 x 18W RGBAWUV (6-in-1). IP65 Rated for Outdoor Use.

  • FOS (From Outer Space)

    FOS (From Outer Space)

    25 x 3W RGBAW LEDs in a fun and engaging UFO housing that reacts to sound. Great for bowling centers or arcades.

  • Colorblinder 150

    Colorblinder 150

    150W COB LED Arrays.

  • OS-9012W


    White DMX Stage Backdrop

  • OS-9012


    RGBA DMX Stage Backdrop

  • OnyxPro 40

    OnyxPro 40

    40W RGBW LED Moving Yoke

  • OnyxPro 75

    OnyxPro 75

    75W White LED (with Color Wheel) Moving Yoke

  • OnyxPro 101

    OnyxPro 101

    100W RGBW COB LED Array Moving Yoke

  • Spark 7 Zoom

    Spark 7 Zoom

    7 x 15W RGBW LEDs with 10° to 60° Zoom

  • Flex 7

    Flex 7

    Indoor/Outdoor Flexible 7mm LED Screen

  • Chromadance LED Video Floor

    Chromadance LED Video Floor

    Play videos on the floor! Includes effect generator and over 200 videos!

  • Tango Mobile (Tango RGBW)

    Tango Mobile (Tango RGBW)

    An RGBW version of the popular Tango — now with a light stand mount for mobile applications.

  • Tango


    (4) 10W White LEDs. Individually Controllable.

  • Swinger


    (8) 10W 4-in1 RGBW Beam Effects!

  • SwingerX2


    An incredibly powerful and responsive sound active fixture with dual moving LED bars that's perfect for DJs and club environments.

  • Passport Mini System

    Passport Mini System

    8 Fixture System. 15 W 5-in-1 RGBWA LEDs. Battery powered. Wireless DMX. Unlimited mobility.

  • Thin Par 6

    Thin Par 6

    6 x 15W RGBWA LEDs

  • Mini Derby

    Mini Derby

    2 RGBW Quad LEDs ( 4-in-1)

  • Striker 5

    Striker 5

    25 x 3W RGBWA LEDs

  • Striker 3

    Striker 3

    (15) 3W individually controllable RGBWA LEDs with wide floor coverage.

  • LED Shot x4 Pro

    LED Shot x4 Pro

    (256) 10mm RGBWA LEDs

  • Colorblinder


    (16) 30W COB RGB 3 in 1 LED Blinder.

  • EA-8050


    324 RGB LEDs in a durable housing with an adjustable mounting bracket.

  • EA-8096


    896 x 10mm LEDs

  • Chameleon Pro

    Chameleon Pro

    (4) 10W Quad (4-in-1) RGBW LEDs

  • Flex 15

    Flex 15

    Flexible weatherproof 15mm pitch LED screen with a modular design to make it well suited to a variety of applications.

  • Thin Par Passport

    Thin Par Passport

    All the great features of the Thin Par, plus a built-in battery and wireless DMX.

  • Can Can

    Can Can

    8 scanning mirrors with pan control and built-in programs.

  • Aria


    The LED Aria is a thin centerpiece, ideal for bars or nightclubs with low ceilings that need wide coverage.

  • Broadcast Can

    Broadcast Can

    National Broadcast Ready, Flicker-free, and High Definition.

  • Bubbleds LED Wall Panel

    Bubbleds LED Wall Panel

    Add incredible wall lighting to any venue!

  • Criss Cross

    Criss Cross

    (60) 5mm super bright zig-zagging LEDs that will light up any venue.

  • Derby Pro LED

    Derby Pro LED

    (3) 3W LEDs (1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Blue)

  • DJ Backdrop OS-1117

    DJ Backdrop OS-1117

    Use this backdrop for extra effects in your DJ setup.

  • OS-1010 LED Curtain

    OS-1010 LED Curtain

    15' x 20' Animated LED Curtain

  • DJ Façade OS-1233 & OS-1233W

    DJ Façade OS-1233 & OS-1233W

    Keep your equipment concealed while adding an extra attraction for your DJ setup.

  • DJ Facade OS-1235

    DJ Facade OS-1235

    Keep your equipment concealed while adding an extra attraction for your DJ setup.

  • EA-6040


    RGB Four Head DMX Chase Light

  • EA-8010UV
  • EA-8020


    A very lightweight and energy efficient LED bar with white LEDs.

  • EA-8051


    324 white LEDs in a durable housing with an adjustable mounting bracket.

  • Grid 300

    Grid 300

    300 10mm (60 Red, 60 Green, 60 Blue, 60 Amber, 60 White) Long-life LEDs (100,000 hrs)

  • JL-01-WA


    (54) 1W LEDs (36 White, 18 Amber)

  • JL-03-RGBA


    (54) 1W LEDs ( 12 red, 14 green, 14 blue, 14 amber)

  • JL-09-24


    (24) 3-in-1 RGB LEDs

  • LED 126 UV

    LED 126 UV

    LED Bar with 126 UV LEDs.

  • Mini Bar 1W RGB or UV

    Mini Bar 1W RGB or UV

    Extremely power efficient. Available in RGB or Ultraviolet.

  • LEDazzle


    Amaze your audience with these LEDazzlin' effects.

  • LED Barrel Scan

    LED Barrel Scan

    An extremely energy efficient (15W) rotating RGB effects light.

  • LED Blinder 4

    LED Blinder 4

    (240) 10mm LEDs, 60 per head (20 Red, 20 Green, Blue)

  • LED Crystal 3W

    LED Crystal 3W

    Compact, very bright, and provides huge rotating coverage.

  • LED Dancer

    LED Dancer

    The LED Dancer is a centerpiece with 120 LEDs and 8 mirrors with wide coverage.

  • LED Dancer 2

    LED Dancer 2

    The popular LED Dancer is back with more power!

  • LED Exel-i (Indoor)

    LED Exel-i (Indoor)

    The very popular indoor version of our LED Exel.

  • LED Flair

    LED Flair

    The LED Flair produces plenty of light with a low power consumption.

  • LED Illume 162

    LED Illume 162

    The LED illume 162 is a smaller version of the LED illume 469 with the same great effect.

  • LED Illume 256

    LED Illume 256

    The LED illume 256 is compact with a wide beam angle perfect for bars & mobile DJs.

  • LED Illume 469

    LED Illume 469

    The LED illume 469 is a moonflower effect with sharp Red, Green and Blue Beams.

  • LeDizzy


    3 x 1W LEDs (1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Blue). Built-in programs.

  • LED Jr.

    LED Jr.

    The LED Jr is ideal for venues with low ceilings, mobile DJs and special events.

  • LED-LV2031


    A very energy efficient par can with RGB color mixing.

  • Apex


    The Apex produces some very unique effects with its (4) 3W RGBA LEDs and built-in programs.

  • LED Monarch

    LED Monarch

    Sound Active LED Moonflower Effect

  • LED Par 36

    LED Par 36

    61 5mm LEDs ( 21 Red, 19 Green, 21 Blue)

  • LED Par 56

    LED Par 56

    151 10mm LEDs (51 Red, 49 Green, 51 Blue)

  • LED Par 64

    LED Par 64

    151 10mm LEDs (51 Red, 49 Green, 51 Blue)

  • LED Pendant II

    LED Pendant II

    360° Rotating RGB LED effects with wide coverage.

  • LED Pinspot

    LED Pinspot

    Pin Spot with 60 10mm LEDs that pack a powerful punch.

  • LED Screen, 20mm SMD

    LED Screen, 20mm SMD

    Lightweight IP 65 LED Screen

  • LED Shot x4

    LED Shot x4

    The LED Shot X4 is a dynamic linear effect ideal for high ceilings and large spaces.

  • LED SMD Flexible Tape

    LED SMD Flexible Tape

    LED SMD Flexible RGB Strip Light

  • LED Strip252 RGB & UV

    LED Strip252 RGB & UV

    252 10mm LED bar available in either RGB or UV

  • LED Table Cover

    LED Table Cover

    This 8' x 2.5' LED Table cover is perfect for any event.

  • Lume G6

    Lume G6

    Six bright gobo effects to amaze your audience!

  • Magnum 44 RGBWA

    Magnum 44 RGBWA

    Professional grade par can for either outdoor or indoor use. (44) 1W RGBAW LEDs.

  • Mini Wash

    Mini Wash

    A very compact mini RGB wash light with an adjustable mounting bracket.

  • OmniNite OS-9044 RGBA and White

    OmniNite OS-9044 RGBA and White

    A a different dimension to your presentation with a OmniNite Curtain as your backdrop.

  • OS-1005 Animation Curtain

    OS-1005 Animation Curtain

    Animation & Graphics High Pixel Curtain

  • OS-1007E


    LED curtains block out ambient light and replace it with colorful LEDs effects.

  • OS-1034


    RGB LED wash light with a mounting bracket for floor, wall, or hanging installations.

  • OS-2036


    The OS-2036 is a very small and lightweight (8.6 lbs) moving wash.

  • OS-3601 & OS-3603

    OS-3601 & OS-3603

    A very durable par can available with either 1W or 3W RGB LEDs.

  • OS-5800


    A feature-packed LED moving yoke with 108 LEDs.

  • OS-8080 RGB & UV

    OS-8080 RGB & UV

    252 10mm LED bar. Available in RGB (108 Red, 72 Blue, 72 Green) or Ultraviolet.

  • OS-9032


    An OmniNite curtain is a great addition to any presentation.

  • OS-ML500


    The OS-ML500 is a very small and lightweight (18 lbs) moving yoke.

  • Retroscan


    The Retroscan features individually controlled pan and tilt mirrors via DMX.

  • Retroscan G Pro

    Retroscan G Pro

    Create some very unique effects with this new gobo (G) version the the RetroScan Pro!

  • Retroscan Pro

    Retroscan Pro

    (4) 4-in-1 RGBW Cree LEDs aid the Retroscan Pro in brightening any show.

  • Sixray


    Six powerful RGB rays.

  • Spark 7

    Spark 7

    (7) 12W 4-in-1 RGBW LED moving head.

  • Thin Bar Passport

    Thin Bar Passport

    RGBWA LED bar with a built-in wireless DMX antenna, built-in battery, and travel case.

  • Thin Par Plus 6+6

    Thin Par Plus 6+6

    Versatile par can with 12 bright LEDs.

  • Thin Par Pro 64

    Thin Par Pro 64

    144 10mm LED packed into a slim shell that can be used for various applications.

  • Wireless DMX Uplighting System (10mm)

    Wireless DMX Uplighting System (10mm)

    Supplied in pre-wired custom roadcase to serve as docking station which storing.

  • Wireless DMX Uplighting System (3W)

    Wireless DMX Uplighting System (3W)

    Supplied in pre-wired custom roadcase to serve as docking station which storing.

  • Aurora


    With 9 glass lenses dispersing beams, the Aurora is perfect for filling large spaces with vibrant colors.