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  • OnyxPro 132

    OnyxPro 132

    132W Lamp Moving Yoke

  • 5R Spot

    5R Spot

    Platinum 5R Philips MSD moving yoke. 9 rotating gobos + open and 9 fixed + open.

  • Beam 5R

    Beam 5R

    Platinum 5R Philips MSD moving yoke.

  • Black Lantern

    Black Lantern

    The Black Lantern is a compact projector complete with an adjustable support bracket. It is a powerful black light spot with wide coverage.

  • Blinder MX-25

    Blinder MX-25

    An ultra powerful 1900W DMX blinder.

  • CDM Profile

    CDM Profile

    A long-throw gobo spot light. Great for architectural or theatrical applications.

  • Century Color 2500

    Century Color 2500

    The Century Colour 2500L will flood large buildings with saturated colors.

  • Century Spot

    Century Spot

    The Century Spot has an extremely efficient optic system and CYM color changer.

  • Design 150P

    Design 150P

    Being both compact and versatile, the Design 150 Pro is ideal for both indoor and exterior applications.

  • Design 250

    Design 250

    The Design 250 is suitable for television studios, stage lighting, backdrops and sports arenas.

  • Fiber Light 150R

    Fiber Light 150R

    The Fiber Light 150R has 7 colors plus white and is controlled via DMX or used in stand alone mode.

  • High-Ground


    The Italian Made Novalight High-Ground is a single beam searchlight for permanent installation or touring.

  • K20


    4.92 ft. Lift Video Holder

  • K60


    16.4 ft. Lighting Elevator

  • K80


    9.85 ft. Lighting Elevator

  • Lancer 575 Followspot

    Lancer 575 Followspot

    The Lancer 575 is a classic Italian Made followspot ideal for small theatrical productions.

  • Lancer 1200 Followspot

    Lancer 1200 Followspot

    The Lancer 1200 is an Italian Made followspot ideal for medium throw applications with a built-in douser.

  • Lancer 2500 Followspot

    Lancer 2500 Followspot

    The Lancer 2500 is an Italian Made followspot ideal for long throw applications with a front load color changer.

  • Light Fiber 100

    Light Fiber 100

    The Light Fiber 100 has a motorized glass wheel with 5 colors and rotocolor with adjustable speed.

  • Magnum DMX

    Magnum DMX

    Magnum is our most powerful professional illuminator for fiber optic applications equipped to meet any requirements.

  • Moon


    The Moon is a professional flat mirror effect with 9 dichroic colors and 7 rotating gobos.

  • Nova-Flower


    The Italian Made Novalight Nova-Flower is a flower beam searchlight for permanent installation or touring.

  • Novalight Single

    Novalight Single

    The Italian Made Novalight Single is a 1200W single beam searchlight for permanent installation and small business use.

  • Novalight Single-Max

    Novalight Single-Max

    The Italian Made Novalight Single-Max is a 4000W single beam searchlight for permanent installation or touring.

  • Orland Followspot

    Orland Followspot

    Ideal for theatrical productions, the Orland Followspot has a dedicated DMX controller on the bracket.

  • Pilot 150

    Pilot 150

    Elegant design and excellent performance.

  • Pilot 575

    Pilot 575

    Five rotating gobos and the three rotating prisms.

  • Planet


    Professional barrel mirror.

  • Solo 575P

    Solo 575P

    Gobo moving yoke head.

  • Solo 1200

    Solo 1200

    Gobo moving yoke head.

  • Stiletto 1000

    Stiletto 1000

    Suitable for short throw applications 33-50ft.

  • Strobe Can

    Strobe Can

    DMX auto/manual strobe can.

  • Black Cannon

    Black Cannon

    400W High Output UV Light

  • UV Floodlight

    UV Floodlight

    400W High Output UV Light

  • UV Par 38 B

    UV Par 38 B

    25W Energy Efficient UV Light

  • UV Violet

    UV Violet

    25W Energy Efficient UV Light

  • XL 250

    XL 250

    Efficient high quality optical system with gobos.

  • XL 700

    XL 700

    1200W Gobo Moving Yoke

  • XS 250

    XS 250

    XS 250 is an excellent low power moving head, known for its reliable performance.

  • Zig-Zag


    Not your ordinary strobe can