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Daslight 4™ DMX Lighting Controller

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Daslight 4

Take your light show to a whole new level with the brand new DMX lighting software package from Daslight. With over 15,000 lighting fixtures, a new FX generation engine and iPhone/iPad/Android control - Daslight 4 lets you create bigger and better light shows easier than ever before.

Available Versions:

  • DVC FUNNew! Mini USB-DMX interface. 1 DMX OUT universe (128 channels). 128k stand alone memory. Works with DVC3 limited and DVC4 limited software. Delivered with a USB cable. Compatible with Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10 32/64-bit
  • DVC4 GOLDNew! Mini USB-DMX interface. 1 DMX OUT universe (512 channels) and 1 DMX IN/OUT universe (512 channels). 128k stand alone memory. Works with DVC3 and DVC4 software. Delivered with a USB cable. Power supply not included. Compatible with Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10 32/64-bit.
  • DVC4 GOLD ZM: New! Mini USB-DMX interface. 3 configurable DMX universes, (3 DMX out or 2 DMX out and 1 DMX, 1x 3pin XLR, 1x5pin XLR). MiniSD multi-zone stand alone memory. Works with DVC3 and DVC4 software. Delivered with a USB cable. Power supply not included. Compatible with Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10 32/64-bit.


Daslight 4

Daslight 4 can be used with any DMX512 compatible lighting fixture. Lights are linked to your PC or Mac by connecting an XLR cable to one of Daslight’s DVC4 USB or Ethernet DMX interfaces. DVC4 interfaces can be combined to give access to additional DMX universes.


Daslight 4

Choose from Daslight's library of over 15,000 fixture personalities (SSL2 files), or create your own using the Scan Library editor (included). Adding a lighting fixture to your show is as simple as dragging from the library and dropping onto the patch grid.


Daslight 4

Map out lighting fixtures on the 2D view, either by dragging and dropping or using the shape generator to create lines, circles and matrices. Create a different layout for each type of light, and then a master layout which can be shown by clicking the General tab. Lights can also be sorted into groups for quick selection.


Daslight 4

Build your show with ease using Daslight 4: create a scene, select some lighting fixtures, and set the levels with the faders. Create a dynamic scene by adding steps. Jump between steps with wait times or change gradually with a fade time. Scenes can be arranged into color coded groups and stacked to quickly combine different effects.


Daslight 4

The Palettes provide quick control of your lights without the need to move faders. Control movement with a pan/tilt grid, set colors with the wheel, and create fan positions and colored gradients using the new linear fan tools. The palettes also allow you to control different types of lights at the same time, even if the channels are configured differently.


Daslight 4

Powered by Daslight’s XEEL effects engine, hundreds of different effects can be generated and stacked with ease. Pixel effects are used to create chases, video effects for LED matrix mapping, position effects for moving heads and scanners, or curve effects for generating waves on channels.


Daslight 4

Daslight 4 takes advantage of every pixel on your screen. We have packed in over 150 scenes on a 1920x1200 screen without moving and scrolling windows. The new live toolbox provides touch-screen friendly buttons for creating live edits, jumping between scenes, tapping a pulse and more.


Daslight 4

Daslight 4 can be combined with a variety of inputs for the ultimate live experience. Trigger scenes and control levels with a multi-touch screen, iPhone/iPad/Android or MIDI/DMX controller. Synchronize with the BPM or pulse of the music via Daslight’s audio analyser or MIDI clock.


Daslight 4

Get to your gig fully prepared by building your lighting show before arriving. Lay out your show with moving heads, scanners, LEDs, trussing and staging. Pre-render lighting effects, colors, dimmers and gobos with the all new real-time 3D visualization tool.

Show Mode

Daslight 4

The new Show mode allows you to build a completely customized screen. Add pan/tilt grids, color wheels, buttons and faders, then position and color them to create your very own controller. Create sub-masters and group controls by assigning a range of different commands to the same control.

In addition to controlling scenes, effects and levels, Show mode allows you to link a button to almost any live software command including tempo TAP, full screen and computer Shut Down. Simply hold ALT and click a button in Daslight 4 to add it to Show mode.

Easy Remote

Daslight 4

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets, the free Easy Remote app allows you to control Daslight over a WiFi network. Simply connect to the same WiFi network as Daslight 4, download and open the app.

Easy Remote takes all buttons, faders, color wheels and pan/tilt grids from the Show mode screen and displays them on your smartphone or tablet. A canvas size and zoom level can be chosen to ensure all components fit. Multiple pages can be created allowing you to add large buttons to your smartphone whilst being able to fit more buttons on larger tablet screens.